GRAND VIEW terraceDriving up the scenic road on Mount Hamilton, I am wondering where the journey on this curvy, two-lane road will end. But then, like an oasis in the desert, the wide-open gates of Grandview Farms appear ahead, and we turn off and enter a bucolic utopia high above the bustling gridlock of the world below.


As we tour the farm, we see the grape vines and fruit trees growing in the burgeoning vineyard and orchard; we meet happy chickens and friendly goats; further up the hill, we peruse the rows and rows of vegetable boxes thriving with kale, potatoes, beets, cauliflower, beans, and more; we taste the sweetest snap peas right off the vine. All of this organic, fresh-grown produce will go directly to the Carrubba family’s network of restaurants, including The Grandview just down the road.

During the tour, we learn of The Grandview’s most recent history from Sicilian-born Maurizio Carrubba who owns and operates several Bay Area restaurants with his brother Giuseppe. The brothers have prolific careers in the restaurant business, with the farm and The Grandview Restaurant being just one of their more recent projects. The Grandview Restaurant has been a long-standing establishment in San Jose since 1884. The brothers purchased the restaurant in 2014 and set out to create their own vision of the farm-to-table fine dining experience. They purchased and transformed a nearby property, once overrun with weeds, into the flourishing farm it is today. The farm supplies the produce, eggs, and hopefully, someday, wine and cheese to their restaurants. Maurizio has hopes of opening the farm to the public as a place where people, especially children, can learn about growing food, caring for animals, and perhaps even learning to make cheese.


By the time we make our way to the Grandview Restaurant, the sun has set and, the valley below is twinkling with lights. As you walk into the restaurant, you pass through the elegant bar which has an air of old Hollywood glamour, an intimate place to settle in and listen to live music while sipping cocktails before heading to the dining room for dinner.

GRAND VIEW interior

Once you step in to the dining room, it’s clear why this restaurant is called The Grandview. The view is, indeed, undeniably grand. Through the vast wall of windows, the entire Bay Area glitters below. Every table has an incredible vantage point with a birds-eye view. Outside is a wide terrace with the same amazing view, an excellent space for dining on warm nights or enjoying brunch al fresco.


As grand as the view might be, the food does not disappoint. This is not one of those times when the lure of a location with dazzling scenery upstages the food. The food at The Grandview is remarkable on its own. The menu offers traditional old-school steakhouse fare, and the steaks and prime rib are definitely a highlight. Needless to say, accompanying dishes like the Gorgonzola Mashed Potatoes and the Sautéed Kale, all from the farm, are superb. The menu also offers fresh-from-the garden salads, handcrafted pastas, and lamb, veal and seafood dishes.

GRAND VIEW cottage
The Grandview makes an ideal location for weddings, parties and corporate events. On-site is a large patio with a view of the valley, as well as a cottage which houses a beautiful bridal suite. The on-site events coordinator will help customize your special event.

The Grandview sets the standard for a fine evening out or a special event – a unique location with a spectacular view, delicious food, and warm and
welcoming service. It’s definitely worth the drive.

Mount Hamilton Grandview Restaurant
15005 Mount Hamilton Road
Mount Hamilton, CA 95140

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